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You know the saying, "If it isn't broken, DON'T fix it."  SCREW THAT!  Sure my philosophy may create problems but it is a whole lot more fun than leaving things alone.  If you decide to perform any of the modifications below I shall NOT be held responsible.  These are only to aid you in your own decisions.  Now that I have pathetically covered my butt, please note that there are few pictures  because I do not have a camera yet.  Those will come later.

Also, if you have any questions about any of the modifications I have performed, please e-mail me at moreiradaito @ yahoo.com.

I have created instructions on how to graph Haltech Datalogs on Excel for PC's.

HKS EVC3 instructions, partial.  Page 1, Page 2

Haltech List Highlights!

89-91 (Should be the same for all 2nd gen.) Coil and Igniter test (PDF) ~80kb/ea.   Page 1, Page 2, Page 3

89-91 Oil Pressure Test (PDF) <200kb.

89-91 Turbo Vacuum Diagram (PDF) <200kb.

89-91 NA Vacuum Diagram (PDF) <200kb.

89-91 Turbo Oil Flow Diagram (PDF) <200kb.

89-91 NA ECU Wire Numbering and terminating locations (PDF) <200kb.

89-91 Turbo ECU Wire Numbering and terminating locations (PDF) <200kb.

89-91 CPU Wire Numbering and terminating locations (PDF) <200kb.

86-88 NA Vacuum Daigram (Thanks Jyrome).

3rd Gen Alarm wiring (Thanks Jay)

3rd. Gen vacuum hose diagram (Thanks Jo)

3rd Gen Haltech Ignition info. (Thanks Jay) (NOTE:  When DL'ing hit "Cancel" and it will work fine.)

Throttle Body Modification

ACV and Split Air Pipe Removal

Fuel pump rewire

Testing your TPS

Setting your TPS

Removing Air Pump (Should be done in conjunction with ACV)

Haltech E6K

Greddy Air Fuel Ratio Monitor

Changing your differential lube

Removing your Air Conditioning

Making a test lamp

Transmissions Fluid Change

Brake Change

Brake Bleeding

Changing the injectors

Walbro fuel pump install

Picture of tranny fill and drain plugs.

Picture 2 of tranny drain plug and under car stuff.

Oil Metering Pump parts.

Honda brake pad comparision.

Honda Civic front suspension.

OS Giken and radiused bearing info.

Battery re-location.

Throttle Body Pictures for a 1990 NA courtesy of Jeremy Spiering. #1, #2

MK3 VW Golf Drum Brake partial fix.