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  • If you have a stock air box you will need to buy some kind of an Intake kit.  My K&N works just fine.
  • Remove the hose between the air box and the air pump.
  • If you can, remove the front nose clip so you can take out the air pump resonator located next to the washer fluid reservoir.  It is a cylindrical canister with a hose that goes somewhere, mine wasn't hooked up when I bought it.
  • Take out the canister and anything that is connected to it.
  • Loosen the air pump so you can take off the belt.
  • Take out the three, I think, bolts holding on the air pump.
  • Remove the air pump.
  • You can now take off the bracket that holds the air pump.
  • There you go.  I would now recommend removing the ACV and Split air pipe along with getting a downpipe, if you don't already, and a straight pipe.  I have heard that if you run the cats without the air pump they will clog since the do not get the appropriate air to burn everything.