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Proj. Cosmo

Nate Bowen

Arturo Chia

Old Updates

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The following pictures are pretty old!

Current Set-up as of September 8th.    Random engine pic with Haltech wires bundled.    Glovebox with Haltech fuse block and serial cable.    intakenear.jpg (199673 bytes)

Old engine bay.    Somewhat current interior.    Outside, no longer have duct in bumper.

Now have slotted rotors.    Current front.    Driver's side headlight cut for front end.

Passenger's side headlight cut for front end.    Current.    Current.

Old interior. Now missing rear carpet and bins.    Current.    Current.

Recent Project Pics


Front of car with no motor

Instrument Cluster

Cosmo motor apex seal

Back of cosmo motor

Far shot of cosmo motor (NEW TEXT POINTERS!)

Front shot of cosmo motor

Top shot of cosmo motor

Side of cosmo motor with turbos

Driver's side of engine bay with no motor

Haltech relays behind glovebox

Haltech unit mounted to plastic where heater core used to be

Far shot of interior

Passengers side motor mount

Passengers side engine bay with no engine

Turbo 2 engine flywheel

Turbo 2 engine side (NEW TEXT POINTERS!)

Turbo 2 engine top (NEW TEXT POINTERS!)

Turbo 2 compressor wheel picture (NEW TEXT POINTERS!)

Arturo's engine bay. (NEW TEXT POINTERS)