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wpe1.jpg (6149 bytes)Mail OrderA new site with discounted stock parts that will be growing every day.
FC3S Underground Garage (Japanese Only)

VERY In depth How-To site.

Yosuke's repair and upgrade page.  Excellent page with many how to's and pictures. (No English)

Skippy's 1989 Turbo site across the pond.PersonalAll kinds of cool stuff in England including some sweet turbo hatchbacks and cars with plenty of "ICE":)
J&S Electronics

Technical Page

No Purchasing

J&S SafeGuard.  The greatest choice for saving your modified engine.

Options Auto Salon

Mail Order Only

No Prices on site.

Options Auto Salon.  Great prices on most of your needs.


Streaming Music

The BEST 24/7 streaming dance audio on the internet!  New hits from MOBY, Garbage remixes, and more!

Rotary Performance Online

Mail Order

With prices and pics.

In House Tuning

The friendly Texans with whom I barter, if you want to call it that, with.


General Info

Excellent info with all of their items on the site.  Some key tech info as well.

The HITman

Haltech tuner

The MAN when it comes to information on Haltech systems for your second gen mostly.  He got me up and running and led me in the right direction!

Velocity Motorsports

General info

Jef Card's site for 2nd gen info and east coast racing.

Shane Toft's site

General info


Shane Toft's site direct from New Zealand.

Beyond the Redline


Excellent site for current info and has 3 project cars.

Border Racing Project (Japanese Only)

FC and FD tuning parts.

Some of the coolest aero parts on the net.

The 2nd Gen Resource


Patrick Leroux's site with info on the FC and great how-to's.


Mail Order

In House Tuning

With prices and pics.

Very large mail order company with a LARGE number of products.

Performance FrictionTechnical page.

No purchasing.

Makers of high quality brake pads and rotors.
McMaster CarrMail OrderOne of THE largest online suppliers of hose clamps.
Northstar Rx7 ClubClub siteThe Rx-7 club I belong to.  Serving the Minnesota area.
Tri-Point EngineeringMail Order

In House Tuning

General shop and mail order company.