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Updates as of 4/22/02:

I am still living in Minami Daito, Japan so the updates are pretty slow. As you may have known the whole website was not really working but it should be now since I reloaded everything. There really isn't much new other than a few updates to some old How-To's.

Also, when I was on vacation with Angela we stopped by Fujita Engineering, a.k.a. FEED, in Osaka and took some pics!

Another thing. My e-mail has changed to --moreiradaito "@" yahoo.com-- since my USA.NET address wants me to pay for POP access and I am sick of that so the Yahoo one will be fine.

Updates as of 11/22/01:

Yes, your eyes are not deceiving you! www.Rx7Turbo.com is back up and running:) I have decided that people actually read this website and it would be nice to get it back up and running, I also liked having it up:) Right now I am still in Japan with my wife, Angela, and having a great time. My car is just hanging out in my mom's garage until I get back next August or so. There will still not be many updates since, well, I have no car, but at least it is up for the public to read!

Updates as of 6/21/01:

My car now has boost, actually it has for 2 weeks or so, but I have some controller issues that I need to resolve to get it working correctly but I will be dynoing on June 30th so look for some updates after that!  I will also get some new pics at some point.

Some new TB pics from Arturo and Jeremy.

Also added Arturo's page in the left area with a bunch of his pictures.

Some big news has arrived as of 5/24/01!  No, it is not a baby:), it is the fact that my fiancee has been placed for the JET Program (Japan Exchange and Teaching) in a place that we never even KNEW of:)  The city is called Minami Daito and is on one of two islands ~230 miles east of the island of Okinawa.  The island of Minami Daito is ~5 miles wide by 6 miles long and has a sister smaller island called Kita Daito just to the north.  We are excited about this placement and will be leaving on the journey July 28th, so between July 5th and some time in August don't look for any updates here:)  After that, this will turn into an Rx-7/Minami Daito website with all kinds of neat pictures!

Updates as of 5/25/01:

Not much has changed with my car but hopefully before the next ice age I will plumb the intercooler and get some boost!

I added some randow pictures and tried to clean a few things up in the how-to's and other areas.

Updates as of 5/17/01:

Took some brand spankin' new pictures of my car and what it looks like now!  Check 'em out!

Cleaned up some files and cleared some space as well as took Jay's site off because he has one here.

The Cosmo Donk machine is finally running and road worthy!  See the Project Cosmo page for the news.

Updates as of 5/14/01:

The Cosmo Donk machine is finally running and road worthy!  See the Project Cosmo page for the news.

Updates as of 5/10/01:

Added the Haltech wiring diagram to the Haltech how-to with permission from Haltech USA.

Put up some pics from Arturo on the final TB mod using the JB weld method.

Updates as of 04/26/01:

I will not be using an NA hood because the one I thought was aluminum was steel.

I have updated the Cosmo page with some wiring info for the CAS and J&S Safeguard.

Also added some CAS info from Matt in the highlight area.

Updates as of 04/23/01:

My car with an example of my NA hood that I will be using.

Still need to build a straight pipe but hopefully this weekend I can drive it around.  I got an aluminum NA hood from a friend that I will use for the sleeper effect:)

Added a new banner link for Van-Go Racing which sells stock parts at good prices.

Updates as of 04/19/01:

I have created instructions on how to graph Haltech Datalogs on Excel for PC's.

The car is running!!  First had a dead leading coil then a blown injector fuse but it will now idle and will be tuned soon.

Updates as of 04/16/01:

I tried starting my car but it wouldn't catch so I will change a few things and try again tonight.

Updates as of 4/10/01:

I tried starting my car but it wouldn't catch so I will change a few things and try again tonight.

Battery reloaction how to.

OS Giken Twin Plate Clutch info.

Updates as of 4/1/01:

Updated my pics of my motor mounts and stuff.

New pics of Jyrome's (Sleeper7, Agent_D) scary Rx-7 accident but he is ok.  Chat with him for more details.

Added a short article from Fast 4's that Shane Tofts gave me regarding a 6-Speed 3rd gen gearbox.  Page 1, 2, 3, 4