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Old Updates

As of May 17th:

Description: Picture:
Front low shot. Front Low
Engine bay far. Engine Far
Engine bay close. Engine Close
Engine bay side. Engine Side
Engine bay side 2. Engine Side 2
Front of engine bay close with beverage:) Engine Close 2
Close shot of the "Charge Relief Valve" used as BOV. BOV
Close shot of the front wheel with Powerslot rotor. Wheel Close
Close shot of the oil cooler and new oil cooler lines. Oil Cooler
Finally, a studly picture of me and the car:) The STUD

As of April 2nd:

Description: Picture:
Water pump housing comparison WP Housings
Water pump housing comparison 2 WP Housings 2
Water pump housing WP Housing
Water pump housing 2 WP Housing 2
Cosmo Intake Intake
Cosmo Intake 2 Intake 2
Top of water pump housing WP Housing 3

As of March 27th, 2001:

Description: Picture
Motor mount almost done. Motor mount
Same as above. Motor mount
Final motor mount. Final mount
Same as above Final mount
Passenger side mount installed. Pass mount
Drivers side mount installed. Drivers mount
Power steering rack hoses. PS hoses
Oil Metering Pump pieces. OMP pieces

As of March 4th, 2001:

Description Picture
Far rear shot of motor before installation. Far rear shot
Close front shot of motor. Close front
Far front shot. Far front
Motor in engine bay. In bay
Another shot of it in the bay. In bay 2
Close shot of the front of it in the bay. Close in bay
A pretty darn cool accident picture:) Cosmo in motion:)
Close up of under the intake area.  Lots of room! Under intake

As of January 28th, 2001:

Description Picture
OS Giken Twin Plate clutch temp. installed.  That is an Omori oil filter relocation kit and all of the solenoids are removed. Clutch installed
Blown up view of clutch internals. Clutch with pieces
Passenger side of engine with no turbos installed. Passenger side with no turbos
Drivers side of motor. Drivers side
Under the intake manifold with no solenoids for non-sequential operation. Solenoids removed
Far shot of the clutch installed. Far shot of clutch installed
This is the very odd dual thermostat system that all newer Cosmo's had.   My only theory is that when on boost, a passage is opened that lets coolant flow through both thermostats. Dual thermostat housing
Recent interior pic from drivers door.  I made the stereo panel and no, I have no heater controls because I have no heater core. Interior from drivers side
Interior shot from passenger door. Interior from pass. side
Far shot of interior with rollbar.  I only kept it in because I use the pipes for seatbelt mounting points. Interior from hatch
Clutch installed but all of the internals are taken out. Clutch installed but empty
Auto trranny counter weight for lightweight flywheels. Pic 1 and Pic 2
Pic of rear endplate with no c. weight or flywheel. Pic 1 and Pic 2
Close up of an exhaust port. Exhaust port
Pic of auto tranny flexplate. Flexplate
Pic of the area where the injectors are. Injectors