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Grocery List:
  • OS Giken Twin Plate clutch with correct counterweight.  If you do not have the correct counterweight and you have a 1989 or later engine you can use a stock automatic counterweight from 1989 or later as I, and many others, have done.
  • Quartermasters radiused bearing, part number 236520.


  • This really isn't a how to, rather more of an info page on the installation tricks of the OS Giken twin plate.  When it arrives there will be a cover held on with allen bolts and then a top friction plate, a center friction plate, and 2 clutch discs.   There is a certain way to insert the discs, then one with the smaller, in height, center section goes in first with the flare toward the cover of the clutch.  Then the dual surface center friction plate, one more disc, the top friction plate, and then the cover.  Before you tighten the cover you will need any Rx-7 clutch alignment tool, or whatever fits and make sure to align it as best you can so it will make the motor install easier because the input shaft will slide in easier.
  • The bearing is just like putting on the stock one.  You need no special tools or anything, you just slide the old one off and slide the new Quartermasters one on.   You will notice how it is longer in length than the stock one so it should release the clutch better but I will find out how the stock TO bearing works soon.