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  • Remove the intercooler
  • Remove the BOV, and coupler that connects turbo to intercooler, all in one piece.  You CAN do it.
  • I don't have the ACV which made it easier.
  • Unplug the O2 sensor.
  • I used a small crescent wrench to remove the O2 sensor.  It takes a while to fit the wrench so it will turn but I found a way.
  • With the O2 sensor out I cut off the factory plug about half way down the wire.
  • Now splice together the factory plug and the separate Dark Green wire with a single male end that came with the Greddy unit.  This will plug into the new O2 sensor so your computer will know it is there.
  • Now you can insert the new O2 sensor.  Don't plug it in yet because you want to make sure the wires all go to the right place and that they work.  Problem:  It has come to my attention that I have been running my AFM under too high temperatures.  You should use the included bung and have a shop weld it further down the downpipe in order to get a more accurate reading.  Mine is installed in the factory location and works but it would be better to move it further away.
  • Now you have to find a hole to send the wires through.  I was lucky enough to have one already from my EVC so I sent it through.
  • Now I made my Super Deelux holder which consists of a radiator clamp around the roll cage and one around the clamp that holds the Greddy unit.  Pretty technical, huh.
  • You will now need to find the following wires (The colors refer to the short group of wires that came with the Greddy unit):
    • Black.  Duh, the ground.
    • Orange.  Accessory
    • White.  Illumination
    • Red.  Constant 12V
    • Yellow.  Can be attached to a buzzer or light for warning..
  • I found all of the necessary wires going to my radio.  I have a Sony deck so it may be different but here is how I have it hooked up
    • Greddy-Sony
    • Black-Black
    • Orange-Red
    • White-Orange
    • Red-Yellow
  • You will see that the long cord coming from the O2 sensor has a black and a red wire coming from it.  This is not used.  My theory is that you can hook up the unit with constant power and ground for racing use which deems the lighting and turn on useless.
  • Now that you have all of the wires connected you need to find a place for the little computer thing.  I routed the cable from the O2 sensor behind the radio so it came out the passenger side of the center unit and I have the computer thingy over there.  I also routed the gauge wires to the same place.
  • Plug it all in and fire up your car!  See if it is working but remember that until it warms up it will not read correctly.
  • If it is working, find a nice place to secure all of the wires and there you go!