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Grocery List:

  • 2 12V LED's.  Any color will due and you can pick them up at Radio Shack or something like it.  They will have a black and a red wire coming off of them.  They may call them Panel lights.
  • 3 male electrical plugs that will fit in the green plug coming from your cars harness near the oil dipstick.
  • Electrical tape.
  • Wire stripper and crimper.  I always use a needle nose pliers.


  • Strip the 2 wires coming from each LED so they are just long enough to fit in the electrical connector.
  • Twist the two BLACK wires together and leave the RED ones separate.
  • Crimp the electrical connector onto the two BLACK wires.
  • Crimp the other 2 electrical connectors onto the RED wires so they are separate.
  • Tape the area where you crimped the wires.
  • You should now have 2 LED connected with 1 connector on the BLACK wires and 1 connector on EACH RED wire.
  • Plug the BLACK plug into the horizontal end and the RED wires into the other two ends.
  • Now follow the procedure here.

NOTE:  Some people have had to put the 2 RED wires together and leave the BLACK separate but mine is the above way for some reason so before finalizing things, test it to see if it works.