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Grocery List

  • Check Lamp
  • Tools to take off Intercooler and long flathead screwdriver.


  • Warm your car to operating temperature.
  • Plug in your Check Lamp.  You should find a Green plug that is not plugged into anything near the oil dipstick.  I have heard of someone with a Japanese spec engine that did not have this.  If you don't have this I have no idea what to do.
  • Take off intercooler.  If you have a FMIC you have it easy!
  • With the car OFF but in the ON position you should see some lights light up on your check lamp.  An easy way to find out which way to turn the screw is to push the plunger near the front of the car with your finger and see if the lights light up.  It should go from no lights in the out position to 1 light, then 2, then none in the fully depressed position.
  • Turn the screw OUT if you have 2 lights and IN if you have no lights.  You want it to be approximately 1/4 turn past the 1st light.