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Grocery List:

  • Analog or Digital multimeter.  Analog works better but don't worry if you don't have one.


  • First take off the intercooler, duh.  You will then see the TPS plug.  Unplug it.  On 1986-1988 you will see a single plunger with a three prong plug whereas 1989-1991 you will see a 6 prong plug.  
  • Set the multimeter to stun.  ha ha.  Actually to resistance, a.k.a. ohms.
  • If you have the 3 prong plug place either lead from the multimeter on the HORIZONTAL prong and the other lead onto either of the VERTICAL leads coming from the TPS.
  • You should get a baseline reading but don't worry about that because the important part is later.
  • SLOWLY push the plunger, you should see the numbers change.  Watch carefully to see if there are any spikes during the full range of the plunger.  This is where it is easier to see on an analog meter.  If there are spikes it most likely means your TPS is bad.
  • To check the 6 prong TPS it is basically the same except with the following changes:
  • Looking at the plug with the tab on the top you will see 3 prongs on top and 3 prongs on the bottom.  I will number them like so:
    • 123
    • 456
  • I can't remember which ones to use but I think it is #1 and #5 and then #3 and #6.  Test as above.