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Grocery List:

  • 23mm short socket
  • 24mm short socket
  • Drain pan
  • Approximately 1.3 quarts of diff lube.  I used Neo 75-90WRD
  • Floor jack with two jack stands
  • Some kind of pump to pump fluids because the fill plug is in a difficult place.


  • Block the front wheels
  • Jack the car up using the bottom of the differential as the jack point.
  • Place the one jack stand on each side under a circular looking thing just in front of the rear wheels.
  • Remove the floor jack.
  • Place the drain pan under the diff.
  • I was told by a few people that it is wise to pull the FILL plug first just in case you drain all of the fluid and then can't fill it back up because it is stuck!!
  • Unscrew the 24mm drain bolt.  It is on there tightly so I used the floor jack bar to hammer on the wrench to get it loose.
  • Carefully unscrew the bolt and be careful not to drop it in the pan.
  • You will notice this stuff STINKS! 
  • Let it drain as long as you can and while you are doing it you can make the MacGyver fluid pump or go out and buy a nice fluid pump that will make life easier:).
  • Put the drain bolt back in.
  • Put the silicone hose into the hole and start pumping the jar.  You should be able to see the level dropping.  It takes some energy but mine ended up going in with no problem.
  • Since the car is at an angle, you may not be able to feel the lube with your finger even after you put in 1.3 quarts so I guess you will have to assume it is in there, unless you want to jack up the front!
  • Screw the fill plug back in and clean up!
  • There you go!