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  • I used a plastic can that my zip ties came in.  It had a hard plastic cap that screws on.  I found an old presta bicycle tube and cut it just past both ends of the valve.  I then drilled a hole just smaller than the valve in the top of the cap and then screwed the valve into it.  I then drilled a hole as far at the bottom of the plastic jar as possible and then inserted 2 feet of 8mm silicone hosing into the hole.  I sealed the hose in with some gasket sealer on the outside.  I used it right away and it leaked a little but if you let it dry it probably wouldn't leak.  Now pour the fluid into the jar and screw on the top.  Since my top was not air tight I had to tape over the edge with electrical tape.  Once it is ready attach any old pump to it and start pumping.  You will start to see the level going down and VOILA!