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Grocery List:
  • 1 Gallon of 75W-90 transmission fluid, or equivalent.  I used Neo Synthetic which can be purchased at Baker Precision
  • 23 mm socket with big socket wrench
  • Crescent wrench
  • Drain pan
  • Floor jack with jack stand
  • A way to put the fluid INTO the transmission case.  I made my own fluid pump that worked very well.


  • Here is a pic of the fill and drain plugs!
  • Jack the front drivers side up and place jack stand under lower control arm bushing just for safety but don't lower jack.
  • You will now see 4 plugs.  There will be a large 23mm one that is parallel with the ground, MAIN drain plug.  Then you will see 3 bolts with square heads that you will need to use a crescent wrench on.  The one ABOVE the 23mm plug is the MAIN fill hole.  There will be a smaller square headed drain plug slightly toward the rear of the car, which I will call the SECONDARY drain plug.  There will also be a larger square headed plug above the secondary drain plug which is the SECONDARY fill hole. 
  • Place drain pan so it will catch fluid from the drain plugs.
  • Unscrew the MAIN fill plug, this is so the fluid will drain smoothly.
  • You can now unscrew the MAIN drain plug.  It will not leak until the very last threads so be ready to move your hand and not drop the plug into the pan.
  • Unscrew the SECONDARY drain plug and make sure the pan catches the fluid.
  • You will see a magnet attached to the SECONDARY drain plug which you should clean off.  It is there to keep metal shavings from floating around in the transmission case.
  • After the fluid has finished draining place the drain plugs back in and tighten accordingly.
  • You can now use my MacGyver fluid pump or any way you have of doing it.
  • Place the hose into the SECONDARY fill hole and begin filling.  Stop once it begins to overflow.
  • Screw in SECONDARY fill plug and tighten accordingly.
  • Place hose into MAIN fill hole and begin filling.  This hole never overflowed most likely because it is slanted.  I stopped filling when I only had approximately 1 quart left.
  • Screw MAIN fill plug back in and tighten accordingly.
  • In all I used approximately 3 quarts of fluid.  Your results may vary but as a measuring stick you can pour the old fluid into a container and measure how much came out.  I ended up putting more in than came out but it seems to be working great.