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This is a breakdown for wiring in MSD systems provided by Matt.

"I am going to do a run-down of the ignition setup info for all of you Mazda RX7
owners out there.

OEM Ignition.

If you are running the original ignition system it is more than capable for this car.
When running this ignition system with a Haltech there are a few setup changes
depending on the model of Haltech you have.

E6A - This does not run the OEM ignitor packs attached to the coils. It will require
the replacement of the Trail ignitor pack with a twin-dumb (ECU controlled dwell)
ignitor module. Also the E6A requires either a Haltech RA3 or RA6 reluctor adapter,
or two MSD 8509 ignition stabilsers.  This is so that the original crank angle sensor
can be used. Ignition setup should be Rising / Rising edges , trigger angle of around
60 , Direct Fire mode, Multitooth at 24 and offset of 3. Rotary Mode. Constant Charge
at 4.5 to 5.0ms and a Falling output edge.
E6S - On newer firmware models (23 and higher) it will support the running of the OEM
coils and ignitors.  The internal RA (reluctor adapter) should run the original crank
angle sensor but if you experience trouble run a pair of the MSD 8509 ignition
stabilisers. The internal RA can be found inside the black blank end-cap of the ECU
box. Remove the 4 phillips head screws to access it.  You will see a DIP switch bank.
The Haltech owners manual describes enabling the correct switches. If you are running
the MSD 8509's the switches for the RA should be set to OFF.   For the ignition setup
data. Same as above except the Spark Mode should be set to Distributor.     There is
also another trick .... in the Main Setup page the Aux In/Out setting should be left
as Disabled and NOT selected as Ign. Toggle.   On the E6S when Rotary mode and
distributor mode are selected it automatically selects the Aux In/Out wire as the
Toggle wire.  Changing the setting to Toggle will cause the toggle wire to be
disabled, which makes Trail-2 spark not run.

E6K - The internal RA unit should be used and no MSD 8509's are needed. The internal
RA unit on the E6K is quite an intelligent device and will run faultless.  The E6K
settings are as for the E6S.  Trigger angle of around 60 , Int Reluctor modes and
around a gain of 2 for both triggers.  Multitooth - 24 - offset of 3 for Series 4 and
5 (FC), offset of 5 for Series 6 motors (FD). Distributor.  Rotary.  Constant Charge
4.5 to 5.0ms. Falling Edge.    Under the Input/Output Setup page the Aux Output
should be set to IGN TOGGLE.

MSD6 series.
When running the MSD units a few changes must be made. If running 3 MSD6 units then
the firing mode will need to be changed from Distributor to Direct Fire. Also the
Constant Charge setting should be changed to Constant Duty at 50% and a Rising output
edge.  The Aux.Out for all models should be set to Disabled.
Ign Out wire goes to Lead MSD.     Aux Out 1 (DigOut1) goes to Trail 1 MSD.   Aux
Out 2 (DigOut2) wire goes to Trail-2 MSD.

This should all be confusing !     :-)     It is meant to be.     ha ha ha ha
The HITman - Haltech Injection Tuning"