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How to install the Haltech boost control solenoid by Matt.

"The boost control is simple to hook up and works quite effectively.  You
will need a solenoid to control the boost with and Haltech can supply these
rather cheaply.  It will have a 2-pin connector with one wire you run to
switched 12V +ve and the other to a PWM output.  The next step is to go into
the PWM Output menu and select Wastegate Control for the appropriate PWM
output number. You will then see some settings to adjust. Enable it, set the
period for the Haltech controller which will be around 33m,  your choice of
using just Map 1 or using 1&2 (this is explained in the manual), and the
boost limit.  If the boost limit is exceded the controller will switch back
to stock boost levels. If you want to be able to adjust the boost levels
without the laptop then you will need a trim adjuster from Haltech.  This
will plug into the loom near where the programming cable does, into the plug
with Orange , Black , and Black/White wires.  Now go into the Input Output
Setup and for Trim Control select Boost Control. It is a good idea at this
point to power off the computer then on again to let it activate the PWM
output.   Now you have boost control via the Haltech.
Basically if you selected to use Map1 this will have a single adjustment
map. All the way counter-clockwise will give stock boost, all the way
clockwise will give the boost set in Map1. If you select to use Map2 then
full counter-clockwise will be stock boost, middle position will be Map1 and
full clockwise will be Map2. You can adjust the maps to wherever you want
them, and you can turn the dial to anywhere you want and the computer will
interpolate between maps, so it is a very finely adjustable system.  The
only thing it does not have is the actual boost values to enter due to the
varying motors and solenoids that are used.

I hope this helps.
The HITman - Haltech Injection Tuning"