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Welcome to my website!

This page is dedicated to my 1990 Rx7 Turbo and to Rx7's in general.

The Final Update - 1/3/06:

The chapter is now over. My Rx-7 that I spent many an hour playing with, sweating over, and cursing numerous times is now out of my garage. I have sold it to Greg W., a friend of mine who will fix it up and then maybe I will see it on the road again. As for the website, it will stay up as I think people still may look at it. It has been a fun ride. Communication over.

Updates as of 10/28/04:

It's pretty pathetic that I haven't updated this site in over a year. My car is still dead since I have no money to fix it but one of these years I will find the cash and have it running again.

Updates as of 7/16/03:

I have uploaded some porting .pdf's that Brad Jaeger sent me and some people on Nopistons were looking for.  Page 1  Page 2  Page 3

Updates as of 7/09/03:

Some actual updates:) I have been very busy with work and our new house. My car is still broken because of the frozen water in the center plate. Check out the pictures here.  I hope to have my car running by next year, maybe by the end of the summer.

Updates as of 9/11/02:

Recent updates!! Angela and I are back from Japan. We had a great time there but it was a little too isolated for us. My car has a stuck engine right now so it is not going anywhere but my website is fully functional again for whatever that's worth:)

Random Stuff

I am the sasquatch..   shhhhh...

Recommended Gasoline Storage Procedures

Picture of me.  I'm the one in the middle

More than you wanted to know about Octane. (Word document)

3rd Generation model information (Thanks Mike! "Red-rx7").

I would like to make sure to thank Matt "The HITman" Leicher for all the help on setting up my car so make sure to visit his site!

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